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Use this form to request your new UAB website. Your responses to the questions below will help us determine which platform best fits your needs. Find out more about our platforms here. Once submitted, we'll review your request and contact you via email regarding next steps.
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New site details

Sites for faculty research, labs, grants, or special initiatives are hosted on the WordPress platform. Preferred web addresses for this site, will begin with WordPress sites are meant for researchers and faculty members and are to be professionally-focused. Sites must be approved by the organizational units’ admin office prior to creation.

New site details

Centers should be board-approved ( and; for all other centers, email for specific questions or requests. A platform determination (Joomla or WordPress) will be made by UAB Web and Marketing teams.

New site details

Schools, Colleges, departments, or other organizational units are hosted on the Joomla platform. Sites must be approved by organizational units’ admin office prior to creation.

Optional, but recommended for SEO.

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